We intend on providing the absolute best in data-management, data-analytics at the cloud, making more human and usefull products integrating the man and the machine.

We approach

We believe and create solutions to organize and place information data in the hands of our people.

We Develop

we create the best solutions by making the complicated things simpler for you.

Our Future

We are running towards building the best advanced technology tools available in the market.


DocCloud is a cloud ecosystem intense focused in update and upgrade the services in real time
Based and administered at the cloud, integrating all data of business to our customers, contact, locate and track real time medical aid and ambulances in case of any sinister "Collision Car" , natural disaster or in case terrorist attack, real time video conference with your doctor, now your doctor can create, update, edit medical prescription, in case that you can return to schedule a new date with them, saving more time for you and your family, and medicament search and location by every store in real time, real time communication between doctor and customer, video conference and messaging, send alerts to familiars customer across aid services.

Medical aid and ambulances

If you have problems to find ambulance services in a emergency case don't worry now you got it whithin reach of a push a button.

Cars Collision

Do you need first aid help in case of collision car, car accident and you are injured, you can link it with android car.

Natural disaster

Earthquakes Fukushima, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala will be things of a bad past, do you need help for save your life?, do you need help for locate?, make a optimum and success rescue of victims.


Boston, Paris, Bruselas it's good count with a service in real time that can locate, help and contact with all necessary services in case of a sinistre executed by people with cruel intentions, this will be things of the past.

Real time communications

Do you haven't time to return for a date with your doctor in case that the medicaments are discontinued or a big emergency, your doctor can make video call, message and edit medical recipes.

Medical prescriptions

Do you have problems losing all your medical prescriptions? or find the medicaments across every pharmacy and the other pharmacy without success? don't worry a solution has been builded.

Why Doc Cloud!

Doccloud focuses on boosting its business by creating a platform in the cloud that connects users with pharmacies, emergency services, access to its products, users, users, users, to an ideal B4B, B2C environment.

Join to the Cloud

Growing up since 2016

Allen Lopez CEO: Technically the vision to create this company arises from the moment in which the construction builds useful and accurate things for humanity, DocCloud began to be an initiative in 2011 when I was in college when a friend had a car accident and to be found or arrive in an ambulance four hours after arriving, with DocCloud could be in less time, even I had an automobile accident where I could lose my life and I could stay motionless or in need of help, but all these variables are secondary to the solutions that provides doccloud, or for example spend an hour or Ten hours of my day locating a pharmaceutical product, with Doccloud no longer exist those problems and vaesoft not only focuses on that, also in the construction of economic microsatellites for the years that follow for the company with the project Gravity 0 that will not only focus for the company but also to prepare the future generations of young people in high technology and who find an edge in the future.

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Allen Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

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