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What is Vaesoft?

We intent on providing the absolute best in compression data-management, data-analytics at the cloud, integrating and making apps for the people can save time and resource, powered by IBM.

As such, we are in the process of deploying an integrated, multi-platform functionality of all applications of our Cloud Ecosystem

Intended to provide a suite of services across diverse market segments. In this way, we will have to positively impact in the lives of others because we integrate Business and services between our cloud ecosystem and people.


Doc Cloud

DocCloud is a app intense focused in update and upgrade the services in real time

Based and administered at the cloud, integrating all data of business to our customers, contact, locate and track real time medical aid and ambulances in case of any sinister "Collision Car" , natural disaster or in case terrorist attack, real time communications with your doctor, now your doctor can create, update, edit medical recipe in case that you can return to schedule a new date with them, saving more time for you and your family, and medicament search and location by every store in real time, real time communication between doctor and customer, video conference and messaging, send alerts to familiars customer across aid services.

Why Doc Cloud Platform?

Doc Cloud Platform lets you focus on what’s next for your pharmacy business. Doc Cloud Platform frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators innovate and let coders of vaesoft team create efficient apps for a better living , well, just code.

Medical aid and ambulances

If you have problems to find ambulance services in a emergency case don't worry now you got it whithin reach of a push a button Forward.

Collision Car

Do you need first aid help in case of collision car, car accident and you are injured, you can link it with android car Forward .

Natural disaster

Earthquakes Fukushima, Chile will be things of a bad past, do you need help for save your life?, do you need help for locate?, make a optimum and success rescue of victims Forward.

Terrorist attack

Boston, Paris, Bruselas it's good count with a service in real time that can locate, help and contact with all necessary services in case of a sinistre executed by people with cruel intentions, this will be things of the past Forward.

Real time communications

Do you haven't time to return for a date with your doctor in case that the medicaments are discontinued or a big emergency, your doctor can make video call, message and edit medical recipes Forward.

Medical recipe

Do you have problems losing all your medical recipes? or find the medicaments across every pharmacy and the other pharmacy without success? don't worry a solution has been builded Forward.

Hor IoT

IoT Hor it's a App focused in face dectection and object dectection inside or outsite of the homes with this you can detect who is inside or outside of our home sending notifications to our smartphones, Family, neighbors or foreign and detect and send alarms to the authorities, More Updates soon.


GBE. "Global Business Entrepreneurs" , it's a a brand of vaesoft group for promote, connect the talent of new entrepreneurs with others companies, customers and the focus tip more important, find investors or capital angels for every entrepreneurs.


If you are feeling generous and want to show your support to Vaesoft and Doc Cloud Platform, you can join to our crowdfunding campaigns.

If you are feeling generous and want to show your support to Vaesoft and Doc Cloud Platform, VR, IoT projects, you can join to our PayPal crowdfunding donations campaigns.

Our Team

Check our awesome team memebers who always work hard to provide quality products.

Allen Edmond

CEO, Founder

I am a engineer, passionate about entrepreneurship and technological advances and new technologies. The business area and the interaction with the technologie are big part of my life as well as the use of any technology and integrate it with other technologies or business model on the market.

Actualy I'm a candidate for a MBA and LGO at MIT Sloan Business School.


Twitter @allen212

Carlos Garcia


Full-Stack Developer with at least 4 years of experience. Enthusiastic of data science, network security and passionate about computer graphics. Javascript lover with knowledgeable in progressive technologies such as JQuery, Angular.js, React.js, Node.js, Ionic, Meteor.js, React Native, WebGL(Babylon.js and Three.js), Unity3D and Unreal Engine. Also I have a broad knowledge of PHP(Laravel) and Python which apply to networking, pentesting, reverse engineering, and web development with Django and Flask.


Twitter @carlosrossonero

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